Dresspore® - Non Woven Island Adhesive Dressing with Pad
Post-Operative Dressing
Highly Absorbent Low Adherent Pad
Safe and Secure Fixation
Soft & Comforatble
Patient Comfort
Sterile and Packed in Peel Pouch

Ready-for-use DRESSPORE Nonwoven Island dressing for initial sterile wound care and for changing dressings on wounds of all types - In the operating theatre, outpatient department and doctor's surgery.

This dressing with its extremely high absorbing capacity has a non adhesive cotton pad with a polyethylene net layer on the wound side; this allows discharge to diffuse into the absorptive part, accelerates wound cleansing, yet does not disturbed when the dressing is changed.

Reliable all-round closure provided by particularly adherent skin-friendly acrylic adhesive; the DRESSPORE wound dressing can be removed from the skin painlessly and without leaving any residue.

Delicate, elastic nonwoven carrier material, white, 100% viscose rayon, with hypoallergic acrylic adhesive (free from colophonium and colophonium derivaties); dressing pad with an absorbent layer made from viscose rayon and a non adhesive cotton pad with a polyethylene net layer, individually sealed, sterlized by ETO.

Product Description
Non-woven backing, extensible, made of polyster fibres.
High skin tolerance acrylic adhesive composition
High absorption capacity non-woven central pad, covered by a polyethylene non-adherent net.
Adhesive on all 4 sides.
Supplied under individual peelable sachets.
ETO sterilized.

Product Advantages
Extensible : Follows the movements of the articulations or skin wrinkles without risking rupture or lift-off.
Non-woven : Micro-aerated, no maceration.
High skin tolerance : Respect of sensitive skins.
Does not stick to the wound thanks to its polyethylene net covering the pad.
Long lasting adhesiveness with easy removal, full protection of the wound.
Sterile dressing reducing risks of contamination.
X-ray transparent.

Sterile Adhesive Dressings are ideally suited for post-operative use. They are also useful in Accident & Emergency for cuts, laceration and sutured wounds.
Fast efficient and aseptic protection of the puncture points : Parental feeding, biopsy, dialysis.
Dressing for : Ambulatory surgery, post-surgery, coeliosurgery.

Code No.
DO 3562
5 x 7.2 cm
DO 3563
6 x 8 cm
DO 3566
10 x 10 cm
DO 3569
10 x 15 cm
DO 3570
10 x 20 cm
DO 3571
10 x 25 cm
DO 3572
10 x 30 cm

Other Sizes available upon request

Dresspore® - I V Non Woven Dressing with Pad & Extra Strip
Non woven Cannula fixation Dressing with pad & strip
Highly Absorbent low Adherent pad
Excellent Cannula stability
Dressing allows air & humidity to pass freely
Sterile & Packed in peel pouch
Indications :-Non woven Dressing for Cannula fixation

We are offering our clients a broad range of IV Dressing that consist of micro porous non-woven fabric, medical hypo-allergenic adhesive and absorbent pad. These are mainly employed to fix vein bleeding and all kinds of cannulae and infusion lines.

Additionally, it is made from high quality non-woven fabric with mesh these IV dressing and cannula fixation dressing making skin breathe properly and naturally, excretising water and air thus reducing the chances of infection.

Product Features
Made from soft and absorbent viscose rayon.
The materials used do not irritate the skin and are hypoallergenic
No traces of the adhesive remain on the skin after removal
The dressing allows air and humidity to pass freely
The I.V dressing fastens the tube firmly to the skin whilst the pad covers the point of injection thus, the dressing does not adhere to the point of injection

Code No.
DO 3600 IV
6 x 7 cm

Other Sizes available upon request

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